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The West Topeka Triangle

A published in , January 2017.

Another child has disappeared in 1980s West Topeka, but this is only part of the strange events that Jason attributes to his very own “West Topeka Triangle,” an area of oddities and disappearances he equates with the more famous Bermuda Triangle. Jason struggles to make sense of the mysterious happenings and finds himself with an unlikely ally in the process.

This one has drawn comparisons to Netflix’s Stranger Things, which is not a comparison I would reject, although I wrote it about a year before that show was even announced.

You can read it in the January, 2017 issue of Lightspeed Magazine!

The Cavern of the Screaming Eye

A published in , October, 2016.

The first in the Dungeonspace sequence of stories, “Cavern” is the story of a young man struggling with the legacy of his dead brother, a great dungeonspace crawler lost to one of the most deadly dungeon anomalies the City has ever seen–The Black Hole.

His mother will kill him if he takes up d-space adventuring–she can’t bear to lose another son to the high-risk world of dungeon crawling. But an addiction to the thrill of adventure might just be in his blood, and now he find himself embroiled in the new kid’s dungeoneering schemes.  Will they survive… the Cavern of the Screaming Eyes?

Read now on Lightspeed Magazine!

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Jeremiah Tolbert is a genre writer, web designer, and photographer. His writing often places an emphasis on working class characters and how science fiction and fantasy elements impact their lives. It’s most usually set in the Midwest generally, and his home state of Kansas specifically.

He lives in Lawrence, Kansas with his wife and son.

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