The Latest Story

Taste the Singularity at the Food Truck Circus

A published in , August 2016

A near-future story about a Kansas City food truck scene set against the backdrop of a global climate change.

In the Circus, anything goes, and damn the FDA.  Food that mixes pleasure and pain, illegal cloned meats, and stranger dining experiences can be had, if you know the right people.

Forthcoming Stories

The Cavern of the Screaming Eye

A publishing in , October, 2016

The first in the Dungeonspace sequence of stories, "Cavern" involves the story of a boy struggling with the legacy of his dead brother, a great d-space crawler lost to one of the most deadly dungeon anomalies the City has ever seen--The Black Hole.

His mother will kill him if he takes up d-space adventuring--she can't bear to lose another son to the high-risk world of dungeon crawling. But an addiction to the thrill of adventure might just be in his blood, and now he find himself embroiled in the new kid's dungeoneering schemes.  Will they survive... the Cavern of the Screaming Eye?