Flogsta Scream

Every night at 10 PM since the 1970s, stu­dents scream out their win­dows. Wikipedia is some­what short on details.

First, I just think this is really cool in a pri­mal sort of way. The com­mu­nal nature of it makes it more accept­able. I love that one guy starts kinda faux-​​singing. It’s not super-​​pleasant to lis­ten to, but it’s gotta be invig­o­rat­ing to do.

If I were a mys­tery nov­el­ist, this would give me a per­fect oppor­tu­nity to stage a fic­tional mur­der. Who’s going to come run­ning to help a vic­tim dur­ing the Flogsta scream?

Found via Tobias Buckell, who got it via Kotke.

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