The Latest Story

Men of Unborrowed Vision

A published in , January, 2015

A story of near-future lefitist politics, protest movements, drones, and right-wing genetic engineering designed to end it all.

When protest organizer Mara's ex-boyfriend brutally murders his roommate, Mara is called home from college to investigate.  And when fellow protesters drop out of the movement one by one, she begins to suspect a conspiracy.

Forthcoming Stories

The Dreamers of Alamoi

A publishing in , 2016(?)

In the Age of Dreaming, after the Great Ices melted, but before man mastered working iron, the powerful dreams of banished elder gods sweep the lands like a plagues.

Garen the Undreaming is immune to god dreams because he cannot sleep.   This unique talent earns him special work that only he can do, if he can hold together his fragile, exhausted sanity in the process.

Not by Tornado, Wardrobe, or Looking Glass

A publishing in , 2016

Everyone has "rabbit hole," a portal to their own special world where they are the most important person - the center of the story.  These rabbit holes are opening more and more every day, and people who go down their rabbit holes almost never come back.

Everyone has a rabbit hole, except for Louisa, who wants one more than anything.